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Aero Engineering GmbH is a leading provider of the high qualified engineering services for Aerospace Industry.


Aero Engineerings industry-specific concentration and time-proven recruitment methods and business processes help us to provide unrivaled customer service. The result is an unmatched track record of satisfaction from our clients and contractors alike.                    


If you are a hiring manager in need of stuffing services, or a skilled engineering, technical, light industrial or professional job seeker looking for a new opportunity, examine at all that Aero Engineering has to offer.



Looking for a staffing agency to provide quality Workforce Management Solutions, staffing or account services?

The costs of screening, hiring, rehiring and other associated expenses in today's competitive environment are a major concern to corporations. Aero Engineering can provide your organisation with contractors who fit your needs perfectly. Our comprehensive screening process means you get superior people who have the experience you need. Aero Engineering can also help you manage your workforce to raise productivity and lower costs.


Looking for a job?

Because of our industry-specific concentration, labour market knowledge and hiring connections, Aero Engineering can offer you highly sought-after jobs you might not otherwise find. We have job openings across Germany and Swiss with new opportunities posted every day.